Graduate of Robbins Madanes Training (Trained Coach). 

NEBOSH National Certificate in the Management of Health and Wellbeing at Work.  


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Lisa de Laroy

Lisa is the founder of Core Guidance and is passionate about delivering wellbeing outcomes for her clients in her role as Wellbeing Coach. With a broad corporate background achieving results for a wide range of clients across a career in finance, hospitality, marketing and communications, Lisa has been helping people improve situations through bespoke solutions for over 20 years. More recently she began sharing her lifelong interest in wellness, and is now focused on guiding and assisting people to meet their wellbeing goals, whether that be in the area of health and wellness, education, relationships, career, or personal fulfilment.

“I believe that the path to where you want to be is always evolving.  Planning a strategy and helping clients implement and stick to that plan requires a holistic approach.  While there are some clear guiding principles and human needs that we all need to meet, a unique approach is required to ensure that the focus is customised to the individual.  Ultimately, the programs I on offer are focussed on you and your needs”.

As a Robbins-Madanes Trained Coach, and with a NEBOSH Certification in Health and Wellbeing at Work, Lisa is not only qualified to support your wellbeing needs, she is passionate about it.  Lisa works closely with wellness experts on a range of inspirational events and to provide you with information and guidance on your health and nutritional needs.


Whether you are a business looking to provide a happy and productive workplace for your valuable employees, a school wanting to deliver empowering sessions to your staff and students, or an individual wanting help with planning and realising your wellbeing goals, Lisa’s personal and straight-forward guidance can help you learn more about you and make the progress you are looking for.

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